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Hello Everyone!

Pegasus Artist GalleryWelcome to the new PAG Blog. This blog replaces the previous “What’s New” section of the Pegasus Art Gallery.

As most of you know, the PAG has been in hiatus for quite some time now, at least as far as administration goes. I am finishing my PhD this year, which takes up all of my time, other than my full time job, my small businesses, my research and writing, and my huge family (and not necessarily in that order)!

To streamline the time necessary to maintain and develop the PAG, I have elected to make some changes. I am going to focus my time with the PAG solely on adding new members, taking care of current members, and maintaining this blog. To that end, I have decided to discontinue some features, notably:

a) The PAG Awards are now retired – past winners are still honored on our pages though.

b) The Artist of the Week voting poll is now discontinued.

c) The Pick of the Week award will be changed to Pegasus’ Pick, with no time constraints – it will be given as I see fit.

d) New artist Ring and Virtual Gallery additions will be kept to a minimum.

e) The Tools and Resources section has been discontinued (it was horribly out of date) – resources will now be posted here on this blog.

All the best,